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What improv can do for your organization…


Increasingly businesses around the country are engaging improv theaters to help their employees work together more effectively, communicate clearly, think on their feet, and ultimately improve the bottom line. Whether you want to increase sales, open communication channels, encourage employees to share, or create greater efficiency within your organization, the principles of improv can help you meet your business goals. Black Box Consulting, a division of The Black Box Theater, offers workshops and improvisational training for every aspect of your business, with courses that can be custom-tailored for a specific department, or applied to staff cross-sections for maximum collaborative impact. Black Box Consulting’s client list includes local governments and non-profits, as well as Fortune 100 companies, and academic clients such as Harvard Business School students.

We offer targeted training on:

  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Active Listening/Effective Communication
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Adaptation/Quick Thinking/Risk Management
  • Public Speaking

Lead Improviser: Justin Howard


Justin Howard
Justin began his studies at Wittenberg University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. While he studied communication formally, he began his informal but transformational study of improvisation. Justin went on to study at the iO theater in Chicago and the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City. What began as a casual interest quickly moved into a serious endeavor. Justin has become a sought after performer, teacher and speaker. He owns The Black Box Improv Theater in Dayton, Ohio, that has carved out a strong presence in the improv comedy community, regularly performing across the nation. Justin’s skills in business, communication, and improv performance have added up to create engaging speaking engagements and instructional workshops. As the business world has opened its eyes to the powerful applications of improv, Justin has even been looked to by Harvard Business School as an expert in this field, teaching improv workshops to MBA students on their campus. Justin’s reach continually grows. He was a featured speaker at the inaugural TEDx talks in Dayton, and has been invited back each year to participate in the annual event, most recently putting on an improvised musical with other Black Box improvisers.



“There’s a noticeable difference in behavior, and it has improved our ability to generate leads, and convert those leads into business. Both my team and I are communicating better with our stakeholders and with one another.” Paul Hanrahan

Vice President of Product Development , ASIware

“People don’t immediately connect improv with business because on stage it’s comedy, but the principles of a good improv performance have limitless impact on business practice. Successful entrepreneurs have to not only be quick on their feet, they have to be effective communicators, and they have to learn to be flexible and creative in a number of settings. Improv teaches all of those things.” Andrea Fantacone

2017 MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School

“I took classes to improve my confidence and public speaking skills, but improv has also helped me tremendously in my work relationships. The ‘Yes, and’ improv approach at work has made a noticeable difference for me in my work life.” Vanessa Roberts

Student, Black Box Improv Theater

“I’m floored by how learning improv skills has elevated my team and transformed the way we collaborate and interface with clients. I’m an engineer with a background in business strategy, and I’ve seen first-hand how it engages all corners of our creative and critical thinking.” Mike Sander

VP Sales and Marketing, GEMCITY Engineering and Manufacturing




Justin Howard, owner of The Black Box Improv theater in Dayton recently returned from Cambridge, Massachusetts where he taught the principles of improv to Harvard’s MBA students. Today, his new corporate consulting website has officially launched at Read more…


Black Box Improv Theater has been entertaining local comedy fans with unique weekend shows for nearly two years. Later this month, the downtown company’s Womit 2.0 cast will be showcasing its talents to an international audience at the prestigious Del Close Marathon in New York on June 28. Read more…


When I attended a show at Black Box Improv Theater in downtown Dayton, there was a portion of the show where anyone can come up and try some improv. Justin Howard, owner of Black Box, approached me between sets and said I should give it a try. With that, I finally had the chance to get back to acting. Read more…

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